Chris Hansen & The Lunch Box Legends





Lunch Box Legends

The Lunch Box Legends provide a great selection of music that has a wide appeal to audiences combining poignant lyrics, toe tapping grooves, and seasoned musicality. Ideal for a sunny festival afternoon, a private house concert, community event or just a feel good night out on the dance floor. You can have a listen here.

Their recent album "Compassionate Visitor" features original song writing by Chris Hansen on rhythm guitar & vocals;  Blaine Dunaway ( ) on violin, chin cello & flugelhorn; Steve Ruskin on keyboards and harmonica; Bruce Wing on bass, flute & vocals;  Judy Wing vocals; ( ) and Jordan King on electronic drums.

Collectively the Legends are enjoying the moment and find themselves playing music and song that encompasses original roots, world melodic grooves that will keep your head bopping and toes tapping and classics that will get you on the dance floor. If you enjoy listening to a great mix of original roots, a little blues, zydeco, gypsy groove, latin and all that jazz you will enjoy this group. 



What's With the Lunchbox?

altEach member of the Lunchbox Legends is bringing something a little different to the table. We each have our own influences, styles and abilities, but it's the synergy that gives the music it's distinct and unique musical flavour.

So you'll hear the music that has its roots in the songwriting of Chris Hansen ( acoustic & electric guitar, vocals ), the world travels of violinist Blaine Dunaway ( violin, chin cello, flugelhorn & cahon ), the creative bass lines of Bruce Wing ( bass, flute, vocals ) frayed on the edges with Judy Wing's soulful vocals ( keyboard, accordian, guitar & vocals ). We are sure you will  find something you like in the mix.





Recent & Upcoming Events


 "New CD Release Compassionate Visitor"

available at Bop City Records in Courtenay, or drop us a line & available on line soon 


Saturday November 6th

Duo w/ Blaine Dunaway

Roy's Towne Pub 7pm 


Friday December 6th

Roy's Towne Pub 7pm 


Saturday August 24th

Comox Valley Exhibition  1pm


Thursday August 8th 

Saratoga Summer Stage 7pm 


Sunday August 4th - 11am

Filberg Festival Garden Stage


Saturday July 27th

Courtenay Estuary &

River Cruise 

"Twin Schoen"

Comox Harbour Charters


Tuesday May 21st

Private Event 


Friday May 17th 

Roy's Towne Pub 7pm 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                     Tuesday May 7th 

Fundraiser for Comox Valley Arts Council - Mex Pub 


Saturday April 6th 

High Tide Public House 8:00pm 

Downtown Courtenay 


Sunday March 17th 

 10:30 - 1pm

Happy Patty's Day!

Join us for Brunch

 Four Quarters Restaurant in Cumberland


February 9th

 Private Event ~  Fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club

with the fine folks dedicated to patient care at the Views

Comox Valley Curling Centre